29th Annual Celebration

International Black African Heritage Affinity Caucus Leadership Development Weekend


“Love never loses its way home”

The International Black African Heritage Affinity Caucus is pleased to invite and welcome you to its 28th Annual Leadership Development Weekend Retreat. Over the past 29 years we have brought insight and direction to Black African Heritage people as they take on leadership roles in the global community as well as to provide resource for those taking on leadership in partnership with the public and private sectors of business and social justice movements. We must be committed to the outcomes of reclaiming and sustaining our humanism and social "situatedness" more than ever, as people of African Decent. People of Black African Heritage remain at a critical point in global history. The hope of authentic change in partnership with economic challenge require our collective intelligence,spirit and wisdom. Understanding the impact of system oppression on People who carry Black Race as a social identity is needed more than ever before. We have not achieved a post-racial consciousness. How do we retain clarity and right mindedness in the face of economic challenges? How do we hold on to the value of our own perspective? How do we maintain integrity in our behavior? How do we remain in deep relationship with the birthright of our own thinking? How do we create value, significance and honor for our contributions? We are committed to supporting and developing Black leadership in all of its manifestations.
We are pleased to summon you, once again, to the well. Come and drink from the joy, laughter, learning and healing that is the outcome of this weekend affinity experience. Come and rejuvenate your soul and spirit with the connections and sharing of leaders from like heritage and cultural experience. "Our work is sustained upon the concept of Ubuntu - African humanism and the continued journey of reclamation of self, economics, education community and leadership". COME AND Join US AND EXPERIENCE THE SYNERGISM OF 29 YEARS OF LOVE, RELATIONSHIP AND COMMUNITY.

Blessings and Light,
Joyce B. Johnson Shabazz, Director